Thursday, 12 August 2010

Zinester Interview 06

Zinester Interview 01

Manzine is produced by Kevin Braddock, Peter Lyle, Mark Hooper and Woz

Kevin Braddock responds:

How would you describe your zine?
is a men's magazine in a fanzine format; it's also a Dada folk magazine for men; A Publication About The Male Phenomenon; and several other things.

What can your zine do that a mainstream publication can't?
talks about the modern masculine experience as it actually is, rather than how it is supposed to be.

the look of a zine matter?
Of course.
Manzine is a non-aspirational publication that engages with the reader in a non-hierarchical way, and it is vital that that idea is embodied in the design and format as well as the content, which is friendly, amateur and rootsy.

Please recommend a zine for us and tell us why.

Smoke: A London Peculiar is a fantastic fanzine about London. Manzine has also been a fan The Shoreditch Twat, 032c, The Rig Out and Bugs & Drugs.